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How can I Sell my Vacant Land? buys land.

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We Pay All Closing Costs. We will even pay your back taxes within reason!!

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We buy land throughout the United States.

We are interested in agricultural, rural, and vacant residential sites throughout the United States.
Here are some of the reason folks sell their land to us:
  • They are not getting the value and usage out of their land anymore.
  • The travel distance to the property just isn’t worth it anymore.
  • They want to sell the property and use the funds another way.
  • They were granted the property through an inheritance, and rather sell than keep it.
  • They have fallen behind on property taxes and just want to have a clean slate exit with cash in hand.

We buy land several different ways and structure win win deals.

Our offers are based on comparable sales and other due diligence.

How we buy from you.

We buy with all cash, which comes with a fast close, but it will be our lowest offer based on comps and due diligence.

We buy through options contracts which can range from 180 to 365 day option periods. This gives us the right to buy, but not an obligation to buy. However, If we do not buy your parcel you keep your option money. Option buys will have a medium priced offer based on comps and due diligence

We seek owner financed buys. This will be your highest offer based on comps and other due diligence. You will hold a first position deed of trust against the property. This is ideal for folks who want to avoid a tax hit by spreading capital gains taxes over time. We are not accountants always check with your accountant to see what your personal tax implications may be.

We are not real estate agents or brokers; you are a seller and we are your buyer. The only thing left is to see if we can get to a win win agreement. Call Today!! (703) 651-6995

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ThirdDayLand.Com is buying all types of land. If you need to sell your land fast and hassle-free, get in touch with us today!